Hi, my name is Nina and I am the founder of the directory Craft Around Me. Here, you can find locally and lovingly handmade items by entering a place of choice and filtering by category.

Craft Around Me was created in 2023 to offer an easily searchable directory of independent makers of all sectors. From locally produced food and drink, soaps, jewellery, ceramic items to handmade pet accessories and interior decor! Fill your home with lovingly made goods, make your friends happy by unique gifts and support the local community. Shopping in your area uplifts people and is good for the environment by keeping the miles short. Discover makers in your area at home or during a trip!

My mission is to connect artisans with people like you who are looking to shop local and sustainably. In 2018, I was walking around my home village in Germany. It has under 10.000 inhabitants and is small enough that you know what is around. Or so I thought. I wandered down a street and found myself passing a row of houses when the sparkle of colourful glass ornaments in a front garden caught my eye. A sign declared the house to be the residence of an artisan glass blower. I was blown away. We all want to shop locally, to reduce our food miles and ecological footprints but to do so we need to be able to access the knowledge of what craft is around us. By being able to type in a location and filter by category, gift shopping, buying a treat for ourselves, and supporting local makers becomes way easier. A lot of places offer city directories or sector clusters offer their own lists of members, but it takes a lot of research to find the relevant information. Big online marketplaces are increasingly getting swamped by industrially made products.

The Craft Around Me directory was created in 2023 to be the one go-to directory for all things small makers in the creative, food and artisan fields. Before it came five years of planning, carefully collecting local makers in a notebook and later a growing Excel file. Now you can use it via the search on the home page!

Discover what amazing products are made by creative people around you! You will be surprised by the local offers!

This website and community are still being built! New features are being added so if there is anything you’d love to see on here let us know! Currently, the listings are mainly clustered in Germany and the UK but Craft Around me is growing daily!

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